Eclipse Lc Electric Glass How it works

Ecllipse Lc Power On

The polymer and liquid crystal are encapsulated in the PDLC both faces of the film are covered with a transparent ITO coating. Both ITO coatings are have a copper buzzbar on one edge of the film to allowing the electrical connection  

Eclipse Lc privacy glass
Eclipse Lc Glass power off

PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) is a light
modulating material comprising of liquid crystal droplets uniformaily coated on a transparent or translucency flexible plastic film. When the power is off visible light scatters through the PDLC and the film turns translucent, when power is applied the film turns clear allowing visible light to transmit through

When the film is switched off from its power supply, the
liquid crystals are randomly scattered and diffuse light in all directions. In this state PDLC is translucent and prevents both sides from seeing through the film/glass

By switching on, the crystals realign and reoriented themselves turning the film/glass transparent ,switching from the translucent state to the transparent state is almost instantaneous less the 1ms.