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Clearvue glass are able to provide one of the most cost effective electric glass products on the Uk market, to give privacy on demand using the very latest solutions to compliment any home. 

Eclipse  Electric glass range, can be used in double glazed or insulated glazed units offering enhanced properties such as UV blocking (up to 98% totally blocked) and reduced solar heat gain by using it in 9.5mm laminated form with standard low E glass as the inner plate of the unit. 

The Eclipse electric glass has one of the best specifications available today and using low e glass and insulated gas cavities low U values are easily attained. Acoustic properties can be incorporated into a high performance units offering significant gains over standard units.

Avalon Glass can manufacture and supply your Electric glass double glazed/insulated units to suit most applications from standard 22mm units to multi laminated or structural units, and can be used in windows, doors, conservatories and sunrooms, wherever possible we use warm edge spacers to further increase the performance of the insulated glass units.

The structural warm edge spacer used by Avalon Glass has been tested to 6000pa offering fantastic structural strength, we also supply standard edge seal insulated units, using double sealed silicone and butyl seals to ensure we can supply the needs of any project.

Electric glass  can be used in opening and fixed windows as well as doors and door vision panels it is also possible for sliding and folding doors to be glazed with concealed wiring solutions wherever possible. Eclipse electric glass units can be glazed horizontally as well as vertical making it ideal for roof lights and conservatries roofs. 

If weight is a consideration, the insulated glass units can be manufactured using Eclipse Sa electric self adhesive film.     

Features and Benefits

Modern view on privacy,

enhanced UV characteristics allowing light into the building whilst stopping sun glare,

improved acoustic performance in comparison to standard units 

Avalon glass ltd offer a wide range of electric glass solutions  designed specifically for use in your home. Our electric glass products are great at solving glass related issues such as heat, glare, privacy and safety .

In this, the residential section of our website, we aim to provide you with as much detail as possible about the electric glass we offer, and the way they work and perform. The list below shows a few common problems that can be solved or improved with electric glass, but it is no means exhaustive. If you’ve got any issue with your windows that aren’t shown below, do give us a call on 01420 479663

Heat: Windows can often contribute to uncomfortable temperatures. This is especially frequent in rooms with lots of glazing such as conservatories. A great range of solar control Coated glass can be used with the eclipse electric glass range which can help prevent heat build-up

Privacy can be an issue for a range of reasons. Whether it be preventing being overlooked by neighbours or stopping passers-by seeing into your property, The Eclipse Electric glass double glazed units . will give greater peace of mind whilst still allowing loads of natural light to filter through.

Safety: Glass can be a fragile material, so if you have young children or pets, or are simply concerned about your windows breaking, Eclipse Electric laminated glass will protect your glazing and give you peace of mind.

Fading: Sunlight streaming through your windows can cause furniture and flooring to fade. The Eclipse electric glass range blocks 98%of the ultra violet rays which are the cause of the furniture and floor fading.