The Brief (these works are still on going)

To design, supply and install eclipse electric glass into a free standing balustrade to the VIP area of a new gentlemen's club in Leicester Square London. the design brief was to be as frameless as possible ,freestanding and to incorporate a slim handrail. the eclipse brand of Electric glass was chosen due to its high quality and proven durability, the glass was to able to withstand the applied loads as allowed under building control and the building regulations, it was to all switch on and off in a single motion. We believe this is probably the only electric glass balustrade in the UK

Avalon glass conducted a thorough survey during the base build build refurbishment to save time and to ensure the project progressed without any delays. Due to the glass height and a requirement for the highest safety standard available, the glass was calculated to be 21.5mm thick low iron toughened laminated glass, encapsulating the electric glass film into the safety laminated glass.

The electric glass element was manufactured in house, using two x 10mm low iron toughened glass plates laminated together. This brought about its own challengers as electric glass element cannot be clamped as this can induce a short circuit by pushing the two ITO layers of the film together very similar to the live and neutral wire touching. However due tot he many years of experience designing and installing bespoke solutions, we quickly come up with a achievable solution, which allows the glass to clamped as required under the British standards and fulfil it brief of a laminated form of electric glass. The Electric glass panels were all installed by our experienced installation team and the cables and wires were installed In the base channel  ensuring no wiring was exposed.

Eclipse electric glass was installed as per the design and technical design brief on time and within the original project price. Electric glass was able to add both innovating technology alongside functionality and for good practical reasons.

Eclipse electric glass is a proven technology the team at Avalon glass has many years experience dealing with the technical challenging and difficult installations. please contact us for more details.