Eclipse Electric Medical Glass   

Medical and health care professionals are now using the latest glass products in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, dental surgeries and care and respite homes to offer unrivalled clean room interiors, ensuring patients are receiving the best possible care. By utilising electric Smart glass they can control the privacy a patient may need to allow rest and respite care to take place.

Eclipse Lc privacy windows
medical privacy glass

Eclipse Electric glass can be laminated with Antibacterial glass to provide a multi-function action for patient health and can offer cost savings in regard to energy supply, by allowing natural light through. 

This has shown a contribution in the welfare of patients and speed of healing. It allows curtains and blinds to be discarded which saves time and cost in cleaning whilst maintaining a clean environment and minimises infections by preventing the spread and growth of bacteria in cluttered window spaces.

Eclipse Sa can be post applied to any existing glass installation with minimal disruption and greater cost savings when budgets and planning is a restrictive constraint