electric glass
electric privacy glass

 The Brief

To design, supply and install eclipse electric glass to two areas in a 3 Michelin starred restaurant Heston Blumenthal Fat duck at Bray in Berkshire, The first area is to install high performance double glazed insulated glass units to the new kitchen skylight supplied and installed by another trade contractor, this was designed to reduce glare and heat build up in the kitchen.

The second area is to the upstairs wine cellar and VIP dining area into recessed stainless steel channels, again in double glazed units to control the temperature difference between the wine cellar and adjoining areas.

Avalon Glass received the manufacturing glass sizes of the sky light from the trade contractor. the framing system used, was the Lonsdale patent glazing system. The electric glass panels where design to incorporate coolite kn high performance coating to the external face of the insulated glass units, to further aid the u value and by it's very name aid in reducing heat build-up in the unit and kitchen,the u value achieved was 1.2 w/m2. 

The electric glass element was manufactured in house, using two x 4mm low iron toughened glass plates laminated together encapsulating the electric glass film in the middle, with a 14mm cavity. The electric glass panels were all installed by our experienced installation team and the cables and wires were installed through the wall into the ceiling cavity. ensuring no wiring was exposed to the elements.

The wine cellar/VIP Dining area was manufactured using 13.5 mm low iron toughened laminated with the electric glass film sandwiched between the laminated plates, with a 14mm cavity and low e outer coating to ensure the temperature difference. The electric glass wiring harnesses where installed through The ceiling void and each electric glass panel has its own transformer to allow integration in to the specialist lighting circuit. Eclipse electric glass was installed as per the design and technical design brief on time and within the original project price. Electric glass was able to add both innovating technology alongside functionality and for good practical reasons.

Eclipse electric glass is a proven technology the team at Avalon glass has many years experience dealing with the technical challenging and difficult installations. please contact us for more details.