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 Electric Privacy Glass Doors    

electricprivacy glass doors
electric glass doors

Doors using Eclipse Electric glass, offer performance and functionality - using the latest technology, Eclipse Electric privacy glass doors can be enabled to switch to clear from translucent utilising PIR or frame sensors to switch the glass, when the doors are approached or opened, ensuring full compliance with the UK Building Regulations M and K.             

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Eclipse electric Glass is able to transform glass doors, from passive  to an innovative addition to any office or room. By using Eclipse electric glass you are able to have the privacy of a solid door with the light and transparency of a frameless glass door.All of the Eclipse Electric Glass range an be readily used in almost any type of door with solutions to conceal the electric connections wherever possible.

Eclipse Electric frameless glass doors benefit from being able to use a 25mm stainless steel door rail to offer style and practicality whilst allowing the maximum expanse of glass.  

 Clearvue electric glass range can be used and glazed in PVC, wooden and aluminium frames for both external and internal use. From individual vision panels to double glazed doors the Eclipse electric  glass door range has a solutions to enable the most complicated of design to become a reality. 

The use of electric glass in bi folding doors, is gaining evermore popularity, as we allow more and more natural light into our home environment, we also which to have the privacy that we are use too, using Clearvue Electric glass, we have the best of both worlds, large expanses of glass, and the ability to open up our homes into the garden , and whenever we need privacy we simply turn off the electric glass at the push of a button.