electric glass

 The Brief

When Two times Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson decides to do something he certainly wants the biggest and best. So when Daley decided, he was opening his first gym in Putney south west London.The design brief was to incorporate probably the tallest electric glass in the UK, into his gym screens the size of each opening is in excess of 3900mm. He wished to have large symmetric doors with minimum framing.
Daley and his partner another former GB athlete Gavin Sunshine contacted Avalon Glass to discuss the requirements, which required a combined mixture of electric glass screens with standard glazed screens and balustrades which had to be seamless combined to allow functional and practical glazed screens along with privacy in certain training areas, with minimum framing and door at Heights of 2500mm

Avalon glass conducted a thorough survey during the base build build refurbishment to save time and to ensure the project progressed without any delays. Due to the glass height and a requirement for the highest safety standard available, the glass was calculated to be 21.5mm thick low iron toughened laminated glass, encapsulating the electric glass film into the safety laminated glass.

Daley and Gavin wanted the glass to be fully dimmable to vary the level of opacity in the 3 front facing  electric glass screens, for maximum visual impact, eclipse electric glass was duly fitted and the doors using Avalon glass mini door rails only 35mm high fulfilled the requirements with an electric glass over panel completed the screens and offers an instant impact on walking into the gym.

The electric glass was manufacture in the UK by Avalon glass and was delivered to site and installed into aluminium channels recessed at the base and face fixed at the head and sides, the heaviest electric glass panel was 285kgs and was nearly 3900mm high x 1285mm wide

The frameless double door sets consisting of electric glass using 13.5mm toughened laminated low iron with stainless steel back to back handles completed two of the 3 electric glass screens the middle screen was 3 full height panels. to complement the screens the doors were also made full dimmable to allow consistent opacity across the screen with each electric glass  screen controlled individually and can be also switched in a single combined motion from the remote control.  

electric privacy glass